Why you need to ask “Why?”

Every business is unique. What is right for one company is not necessarily relevant to another. When undertaking new marketing activities, always ask "why?"

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Have you ever found yourself eager to “do” something without stopping to ask “why?”

Client says: “I need to be on Instagram!”


Client says: “I want to be sending weekly e-newsletters to my customers!”


In this day and age, where change is constant, the desire to keep up and follow the herd is a pressure many of us feel.  FOMO (The Fear of Missing Out) is rife in the field of Marketing, where new apps and digital platforms come online daily.

However, my advice to all Business owners is to stop, take a deep breath, and first ask “Why?”  

Your business is unique, so are your customers and stakeholders.  Is your proposed activity going to add value to your stakeholders?  Is it going to enhance your business? Is what you are proposing the right channel for your audience? If so, how? 

Here’s a hypothetical scenario:

ABC Engineering provides bespoke engineering solutions to four major clients in the mining sector.  They have a team of about 12 staff, the majority of whom are mechanical engineers and technical specialists. Business is booming and the company is preparing to expand.

They are receiving new enquiries from potential clients, many of whom have been referred via industry word-of-mouth.  The Founder is eager to showcase their work and raise their profile in the mining sector.  What should they consider?   

Knowing that their customer pool is small and they don’t need to actively recruit for business, this company can start by taking a few initial steps to showcase their strengths and achievements.  As a first step, here are a few tactics I would suggest to ABC Engineering:

  1. Obtain images relating to your work and post them on your Company LinkedIn page, along with testimonials from your clients (If your engineering images seem a bit “blah” – use people instead (for example: ABC Engineering’s chief engineer shaking hands with client on site where work was performed); Tag clients & staff to create visibility on LinkedIn
  2. Mirror these images and testimonials on your website
  3. At the end of each month, send a personal email letter to each of your clients from the Founder/CEO.  Thank them for their business, invite them to give feedback on your service and highlight some of the project solutions you have achieved for them and other clients.  Everyone loves personal attention and customer service – show your appreciation to your “bread and butter” clients.
  4. Create a series of Case Studies in digital format.  Share these on your website and LinkedIn page, highlighting the clients’ problem and your engineering solutions.
  5. Profile your staff.  In this business, your people and their expertise if your greatest asset. Profile your team, highlight what they do, their experience, and what they are passionate about.  It’s a great way to improve staff engagement and share more about your team of experts.

What’s next?

Review and track progress periodically, assessing how these new initiatives have made an impact.  Use website and LinkedIn metrics to measure audience size, interest and engagement.  Tweak, pivot and repeat.

The takeaway message from this example is this – every business is unique.  What is right for one business is not necessarily relevant or applicable to another.

If you need help to gain some clarity on who are your customers, what marketing channels are right for your business and how you can enhance your brand – talk to us at Scaleup Marketing.  We’re here to boost your business through marketing excellence.  Say hi at hello@scaleupmarketing.com.au

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Why you need to ask “Why?”

Every business is unique. What is right for one company is not necessarily relevant to another. When undertaking new marketing activities, always ask “why?”

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