About Shelly

Shelly is the founder of Scaleup Marketing.  For almost two decades, Shelly served as a marketing & communications professional across a variety of service industries – government, not-for-profit and private enterprise.

Equipped with a wide range of marketing skills and commercial know-how, her strengths include: project management, copywriting, branding, website and social media development, stakeholder relations as well as overseeing all marketing & communication functions.

In recent years, Shelly met with a number of small to medium businesses with ambitious goals that wanted to enhance their marketing initiatives, yet needed the help of an expert.  Shelly established Scaleup Marketing to solve this problem.

As flexible working arrangements and freelancing become the new norm – Scaleup Marketing provides business owners with affordable, flexible and professional marketing solutions on demand.

You can connect with Shelly on LinkedIn or email her at: shelly@scaleupmarketing.com.au


Shelly holds a Bachelor of Business with La Trobe University and an MBA with UNSW’s Graduate School of Management; awarded top student in Marketing Principles.

Shelly Lewis

Q&A with Shelly

Unlike a typical marketing agency, we become an integral part of your business. 


Rather than having to manage relationships with a number of external vendors (i.e. web designer, social media consultant, PR house) – we become your in-house marketing expert, acting as a single point of contact.


That means we coordinate and/or deliver each element of your bespoke marketing plan, saving you time, money and stress.

Company founders already have so many hats to juggle; by having a dedicated marketing expert – we take on that role within your business.

Canva has enabled small business to polish their appearance. Second to that, Airtable has reignited my passion for spreadsheets.

Yes, we provide ad-hoc services such as website design, graphic design, copywriting or putting together a pitch deck.   Contact us to ask how we can help.

Clarity is king. Often people think too much about the medium and not enough about the message. It’s really important to be clear on who you are, your value proposition, and what makes your product/service unique. Clarity and consistency in your messaging will help customers cut through the noise and understand if what you are offering is what they are wanting.